Caritech Container

Virtual Power Plant / EV Car-Charging


Caritech introduces the world’s first, ready to deploy multifunctional containerized Virtual Power Plant and Fast DC/AC car charging unit.

Every aspect of the Caritech Container solutions is designed with the owner’s ROI in mind. Including a 5 Year warranty* and a 10 year full comprehensive service contract.

                *The battery package is not included in this warranty due to usage patterns outside of manufacturers control.


FFR (Fast Frequency Response)

Earn up to 50€ per Megawatt per hour 24/7-365.

The Caritech container has some of the most advanced control systems in the industry, we can supply at full capacity (only limited by the connected cable) 500kWh or higher with in the strictest timeframe of 0,3 seconds at 50Hz.

When an owner has 5MWh or more to offer to the electricity grid the investment can earn up to 41€ per hour per megawatt. (5 X 41 X 24 X 30) = 118.000€ per month of income with no EV charging clients paying for their service! 

(based on Finnish markets).

Please refer to Fingrids statistical data.

VPP (Virtual Power Plant)

VPP Is the Internet of Energy (IoE). Our technology monitors and controls all the connected energy sub systems in real-time through our Connectivity Technology, Controlling Distributed Energy resources let’s all involved parties access the system and adjust what that party have been qualified for.

Caritech’s control systems is 100% cloud based, processing and monitoring data in the energy subsystem and advanced battery analytics and alarms can be automated via event handling algorithms according to the owners instructions.

Our control systems supplier represents the best in Finnish Electro engineering and software design, the system we use is the same as the new 5G telecom substation energy control systems for VVP.

EVCC (Electric Vehicle Car Charging)

Sell power to EV cars on a needs basis, up to 5 times the normal rate. (Pre-order a charge spot online).

Caritech comprise the finest electro engineering in the EV DC charging industry, made in Finland. We use a patented technology allowing us to charge more cars faster than any other charging technology available out there.

Our supplier has developed a customized powerful charging system exclusively for Caritech. This patented EV charging technology allows us to charge at different power rates and distribute power in between the outlets.

A standard container has 4 charging outlets of 120KW each.  The system also includes  2 x 22KW AC charging out-lets.  

In total we can charge 6 EV Cars simultaneous on our basic container. The 40” container system can be configured to almost any specifications the owner may ask for. limited to 1000KW charge capacity.

EB (Electricity Brokering)

Earn up to 100% of the electricity price sold to end users.

Electricity Brokering. If the owner supplies his own usage or paying clients with electricity on a pay per kWh basis, this investment offers an extraordinarily strong business model.

The owner can buy electricity when the production price is low and keep selling at the standard rate.

i.e. if you see on the weather forecast that there’s peak in production entering in 6 hours, you can initiate a distribution strictly from the stored energy in the container, and keep selling until the production peak arrives, then you recharge the batteries, while still suppling the consumer. This system is normally handled by a trading profesional.

This could be useful in a host of industry segments, while still offer the other mentioned advantages in this system.  

On thop of this, our technology offers all the beneficial gains and savings from a "behind the meter" operation model combined with PV Solar or windturbines.

The Caritech Container solution is the first of its kind combining all the functions that any ESS Energy Storage System owner could dream of and then some. This container solution offers the most comprehensive online control options on the market today. The owner of such a container or many of them can see and control virtually every function and it can be done in groups or single, the software allows the user to manage it all. The hierarchy-based software allows third party users to control specified parameters.

One of the many challenges in the increased electrification of our society and EV mobility is the grid infra structure. Using the Caritech containers and deploy them in multiple locations they act as a major stabilizing factor, no need for expensive installations, the system works with all standard industrial connections available, the optimal business model depends on a Medium voltage transformer station connection. Depending on the nearby grid we can connect, receive and supply accordingly.

This means simple and effective installation, at the lowest cost.



The Caritech container system consists of standard and custom adapted modules in 20” and 40” sizes, all manufactured according to the highest specifications and safety standards.

They have all necessary approvals and are already working around the Globe from Siberia to the Middle East. All components have been selected based on testing and performance. To secure functionality we have installed a full AC and ventilation system, fire suppressing systems and alarm system including 24/7 monitoring of every function, this also increases the battery lifetime.

The smallest model in the programme is a 545kWh battery capacity with a 500kWh bidirectional inverter for VVP, and 2 x EV 25 kW DC-Fast charging outlets and 2 x AC 22 kW outlets. *

Caritech’s standard container is build in a 40” container with 1MWh battery capacity and 1MWh bidirectional inverter for VVP and 4 x 120 KW DC EV Fast charger outlets and 2 x 22KW EV normal charger outlets. The Caritech container modular systems allow our clients to pick and choose the perfect system configuration for the specific purpose, everything based on our Modular Design.

All containers are equipped with 2 redundant communication modules for secure transmission of data, the modules have a reaction time of down to 0,3 seconds enabling the container to participate on the most demanding power reserve markets.

The Caritech container program has no upper limits, we can combine as many containers as our customers ask for, it can be on the same location or distributed through an entire nation where all the containers in a specific network will act as one, or divided according to market demands, these parameters is interchangeable via our Can Gateway.


1: We started with our WHY?

To become carbon neutral, effectively distributed abundant clean energy is mandatory.


2: To identify our VISION

That one day soon our planet will regenerate faster than we consume its resources.

We envision a bright future with plentiful green energy at a reasonable price available to all.


3: That would clarify our MISSION

To become a major player in our society’s goal of a carbon neutral future, via responsible implemented technologies to provide sustainable energy.


4: Then we knew HOW

First, we developed the perfect Virtual Power Plant (VPP) to stabilize and support our energy grid and transportation needs.

Next, we will utilize PV Solar Panels to generate the electricity we all need using only our sun as a resource, that will bring us back to our WHY.


We are a small team of highly dedicated people working closely toghether with some of the leading companies in the Carbon Neutralization Sector.

Caritech have build a strong bond to en extensive range of the sharpest minds we have met along our way. This network ensures your success. 




Technical Operations and sales is handled by John Gjettermann as CTO. John brings 38 years of product development (especially in the Energy Saving Industry) and sales combined with a never ending endavour to find better solutions.